Images that bring liveliness, moods and stories into the room.

It is exciting to look for and discover something interesting and special. It strikes me again and again that a lot of things that seem unattractive at first glance can be astonishingly beautiful on closer inspection. And mostly it's the simple things that are particularly attractive: a view of the valley, a step into the sea, a day at the beach ...
The world is changing rapidly. You'd like to capture every moment - but you can't. So we capture moments and things on the chip and share them, because happiness we experience together is always greater: we remember together, ponder, laugh and marvel.
The Levels 01-13 series represents a recurring theme in the AI cosmos: the levels in the mountain and mountain silhouettes are reminiscent of stages. Stories are told on stages, and well-told stories enrich life. The stories in the pictures on the second wall tell of visits to nature, in the city, of interpersonal encounters. In the best case, they not only enrich your rooms but also your thoughts.
The motifs of KI are digitally processed photographs and image montages. Despite the digital transformation, the relationship to reality remains. As a rule, what is depicted is changed in such a way that it retains its authenticity.
Ideas and image concepts are inspired by interpersonal relationships, art, the environment, guided by intuition and the fundamental will to emphasize the positive, the beautiful in the world. The works are created through the concept, through documentation and experimentation.
Limited editions create exclusivity. When it comes to production methods, we work exclusively with top manufacturers and place great value on quality.
We are happy that you are here!
Katja Inderka